A question on badges


Because I have no problem with badges. I’m proud to be a regular


Makes sence, ok but now what about the 50 likes badge


You’ll get it after you like posts you actually like for awhile.


Do replies count?


Nope. You need to like posts.


@balianthemighty i liked more than 100 posts in a single day, still not a single new badge in sight


Unlikely, since you can only like a maximum of 50 posts in one day.

Edit: yeah, I see that you’ve liked a ton of posts. Sometimes badges don’t pop right away.


Am i doing sonething wrong? Is there like a diffrent type of like in this forum?


Likes don’t count in the Off Topic sections.


No, the badges don’t appear immediately.


Check my edit


1 i liked atleast 60 general and condo showcases
2 i did it yesterday
3 i got a share badge, atleast 3 days after i did it


Oh, interesting. Never knew that.


Also, you shouldn’t try to get badges, you should just interact and visit normally and let those things acquire on their own.


I know but dedication man


The forums aren’t a game waiting to be beaten, and the badges aren’t achievements waiting to be unlocked. They’re just stuff that’s happened to you while you were here :slight_smile:


Its the only thing i have left…


Ok, so I think figured it out. That 50 like limit is for basic users. As your trust level increases, your like limit increases.

Also, you’ll know you’re out of likes when you get a message telling you that you’ve hit the like limit.


When i said its the only thing i have left, i meant this forum is the last piece of my memories during my tower unite days i have left, except the discord but im not even active there