A new roulette concept (Roulette 121)

this post is independently created based on the thread below:
because i have been inspired for that game, and could benefit for (almost) all types of rollers.

TLDR: this roulette features 121 single spots to bet, the wheel layout is like triple-action roulette

however, there will only be 2 wheels featuring 11 spots. the outcome is based on the inner wheel’s number plus the outer one’s number.

what is this roulette?

to give you a simple impression of my concept, here is a wheel looks like as above.
the calculation of outcome is simple, let inner wheel means a, while the outer wheel is b
11(a-1) + b.

for the table layout will be like this:

it is very similar to betting in traditional roulette, like single bet is 120-to-1 in this concept.

for an exciting element, when the outcome is 121, all bets not involving 121 is refunded; while bets on 121 will have a chance to win from 70 times to 1200 depending on the weighted chance. this is very similar to wheel of money’s wheel, and i am suggesting to have like the multipliers below:

multiplier list

150 < i personally think this could be the most common one

it is also ideal to have a few spots randomly selected for double multiplier before the spin begins. when hit, you get double of the payout on that spot. example: 14-to-1 becomes 29-to-1.

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Would be nice as long as you can speed up the animation if you want.