60 FPS Lock On gameworlds

When I playing in the gameworlds My fps is always locked on 60 but I have 144 hz monitor and high-end pc when my friend creates the server there is no fps lock

Rx5700 xt is my graphics

When hosting a server (hosting a Condo or Gameworld), the host will be limited to 60FPS. This was done due to observations while testing the engine upgrade we conducted earlier in the year, finding that hosts with uncapped framerates would dramatically influence how well physics events and networking events would perform, potentially making games unplayable.


Oh, Christ. This applies to gameworlds too. Well, this sucks. I was mostly ok not being able to host my condo, but now I can’t host gameworlds, either. Awesome.

Until we can resolve this issue, unfortunately it’s something we have to do. We don’t like the lock either, but a host with more than 60 FPS will really break the game’s netcode and physics. It’s an Unreal bug.