[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


It’d be cool if all your badges could be shown on/by your profile picture when you click on someone to show options (like block)


It shows progress between each unlockable, so it’s basically just a big progress bar.


Now, this is EPIC. And what about the rewards, how will we know which levels have one?


Not from Discord, but here’s this:

EDIT: Patch is out.


im not on my phone but if I was i would post a korby but this is still very exciting.


Make sense


This isn’t a sneak peak but the word should get out there anyways



Shared jackpot isn’t in 0.7 anymore.


i never used casino, and i bet the casino junkies dont care that they can keep their machines and jackpots a bit longer before it gets shared


Note that the player glow milestone has also been delayed.


clenches fist and looks at the sky


That at least means that the update will come out faster, right?



Wait, so what’s the new 550MB patch for? Does it actually contain anything that the players can use, or is it just preparations for our game clients?


It’s mostly backend stuff in preparation for
In addition to accidentally letting us have working floaties early.
(which are partially broken because we weren’t meant to have them yet)


You can tube now


I mom, I’m in a video.
Well it make sense right.





Also this: