[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


For anyone curious, the other logos look similar to these (I would think so)


I gave a shot at visualising how the badge might look in-game (aka I slapped the picture on the thing):

I also gave up halfway through editing because the whole book would take a while.


It doesn’t look too bad to be honest, good job!


I wonder what the ‘horror’ badges are for


we’ve gone past 5500 posts on this topic btw
(5505 now)


Panic at horror hill?


Ohhh, that makes sense now


these look like call of duty ranks, but cooler


im totally a fan of the “shirt” badge

clothes are a sign of pride and fashion~


Probably for visiting weird condos.



please do not mention those condos


You enter the porn room

Max level Horror


how do i remove myself from the conversation?


(actual badge lay-out)

Well I guess I’m blind then. I didn’t even consider the fact that the small boxes would be the ones holding the badges themselves.


in a joking sense “You Stooopid”


I think it would be cooler if the badges didn’t show up until obtained :ok_hand:


I would show the badges but whenever a level has an assigned prize it shows a box with a question mark


Question for the devs: will this pink bar update to show the amount of EXP you have, or will it just show the milestones you’ve reached?


Man I’m pumped up for v I can’t wait!


yes it will be big fun