[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


February 13th, 2019

Notice: All items below are provided without context. There is NO guarantee anything featured in them will be present in the final release. These items are shown from RAW development. Items are in chronological order, bottom being most recent.


Finally, this got added!


Hopefully this wont be abused if it’s used in gameworlds


Poor madmijk


i thought madmijk was pronounced madmijk like madmilk but with a j
its fucking madmike


Damn right I am


After play testing, we’ve added a few changes to vote kick. Originally it was just a simple chat only system, so you could only say yes to a vote kick and you could have multiple vote kicks in one game.

  • Vote kick now has a UI for it, so you can easily see any active vote kick.
  • There’s only one vote kick at a time.
  • Vote kicks last 45 seconds, if no one votes in that time, it just expires and nothing happens.
  • Players who request starting a vote kick will have a cool down and must wait 60 seconds before starting a new vote kick. However, if you did not start a vote kick, you can freely participate in other vote kicks without the cool down.
  • You can now say no to a vote kick.
  • Once a player is vote kicked, they are banned from that game session.




Just so I’m 100% certain, you can’t vote kick the host right?




Kicking a host would be suicidal. If you kick a host, all players would be automatically kicked back to main screen (at current state of the game). It’s exactly the same situation when the host just closed the game (Message: “Host closed connection”).
Btw: the host is a temporally Admin for the respective game - what If a Dev would join the game and the host decides to start a vote for kicking the Dev? Would kicking a Dev be possible (or a Moderator or anybody else of the staff)? [Edit: not a good idea, I think]

To Lobby 2: why not remove the lobby because of seasonal reasons? Winter is coming to an end, spring will come. Why not taking lobby 2 back again at next winter, so the lobby represent the actual seasons? This would give you devs also some time to rework the lobby, and all the work you already spent at this lobby wouldn’t be all for nothing. It’s just an idea- of course, the staff decides.^^


Anyone can start a vote kick, not just the host, but the host can’t be vote kicked.
For the lobby stuff you said. Nah I don’t think that really makes sense. They’re going to retire it because of Lobby 3, there’s not a need to bring it back.


It’s not really for nothing, everything what was made for Lobby 2 is ported to Lobby 3, it’s just that L3 is being designed to be more optimal, they haven’t really lost any work. Also L3 will be expanded with more features than L2 so reverting back at all would take away something in the future. We’ll likely not look back when L3 comes out given it is more like evolving than being replaced.


do you know what host migration is?


It’s something the Unreal engine is not capable of.

Edit: As far as i know anyway.


okay i just wanted so say it, didnt know that unreal doesent support it




Not exactly, YaQ_KYS. I think it’s swapping the host to another player. Am I right?:grinning:




you need to cool your beans, the hostility is real