[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


Don’t forget:



giant lemon


When lobby 3 gets launched will we have an option to host lobby 2 on a dedicated server?


Dedicated servers are being removed in favour of community condos. I doubt this will be an option as they’ve pretty much dropped support for hosting your own lobbies because the official servers are available.


Maybe Lobby 2 will be purchasable like Lobby 1 aka Resort is at the moment


lobby 2 was said to not be a condo


Lobby 2 was a completely new lobby, whilst lobby 3 looks like just a better lobby 2


Who the fuck decided that “making your own lobby server” was a great idea? They had to PATCH SECURITY ISSUES for casino because of it and then they just drop support anyways.

This is a good thing for when the game is dead with no support since if interest comes back you can still play since you can host your own server, since if they dont have support for own servers then when the official servers shuts down you can never play again.


The original idea for lobbies was that they could be customised more by players, not a bad idea. Unranked servers would be free from the main economy and be free to do whatever, whereas ranked servers were bound to it.
But that idea got scrapped, and now we’re getting dedicated community condos instead. (hype)

Not sure what you’re referring to with “patching security issues” because there weren’t any to begin with as the casino was limited to official servers on release.


iirc if the servers DO get closed they will allow people to host their own, but until then we will have pixeltail servers

I might be wrong


Found it.


“if the servers DO get closed”
No. Its WHEN the servers get closed.
Every game’s servers dies at some point


February 12th, 2019

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You suggest putting 9mm on the milestone list and the devs give them to ghosts instead!

Are the ghost AND gun milestones?


I’ve always wondered why ghost hunting shows on TV have been dropping out recently.


The hunter becomes the hunted, or in this case the ghost hunter becomes the ghost.


“i never really was on your side”


Damn I always wanted to see lobby 2 finished. Personally I wouldnt mind if they just kept lobby 2 until we actually have something complete to look at.