[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek



Development sneak peek at it’s best


So fellas is there actually any practical reason for making something out of gold
I mean I’ve always kinda wondered and this seems like a good opportunity to ask at this point


It’s used for jewelry because of it’s non-reactivity, amongst other valuable uses


January 31st, 2019

Notice: All items below are provided without context. There is NO guarantee anything featured in them will be present in the final release. These items are shown from RAW development. Items are in chronological order, bottom being most recent.

  1. is the theater going to effect on the theater condo too?
  2. is there going to be a small/private theater for it too during the rework of the theater including the theater condo?
    simular to this?


isn’t that Toy Room?


There are private theaters very similar in size and style to the ones in your screenshot, yes.


Would there be a way to add private theaters in the theater condo like adding 2 extra doors both left and right hallways to enter a private theater?
sry if my drawing is off


Those sunk-in seating areas, nice! Also glad we still have the old theater as a condo, now we have a nice variant instead of a clone and anyone who prefers the old look can still enjoy!

Can’t wait to get more sneak peaks at that new lobby.


Lobby 3 theater is looking nice!


So hot I got burned
I would sue but looking was worth the injury




You should make the toy blocks spell out


Toy Room has some blocks spelling out MATT after the dev who made it.


we need sicko mode or mo bamba


Matt Bamba


Lobby 3 looks amazing!


lobby 3 looks great


Lobby 3 looks incredible!