[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


but gold is gold, not steel :thinking:


Well if you want to be funny about it you could argue that it looks like brass. I was getting at the idea of changing the colour to silver if that’s possible


the gold ball is a milestone item
I imagine a metal ball would be available from the upgrades shop or something :^)
If it were to exist a metal ball wouldn’t have fancy effects like the gold ball does.

eh i disagree, brass is a lighter colour



Agree to disagree



and my images aren’t virtual renderings, even if we were to base it off of renderings, I would argue that it’s still gold, and not brass

There’s lots of factors that go into metals, such as polish and whilst i’d agree the two photos aren’t matching in polish, I’d still argue the game’s ball is gold


btw you said

then show this


right listen here buddy, brass doesn’t stay shiny as gold when polished.
it will eventually look terrible


it’s plastic you damn loons


The metallurgy fandom is heating up


How long until someone brings out the brass gold brass knuckles?


I see that you just like being pedantic, i’ll stop derailing this thread now.


what? ok?
Polished Brass Vs Gold, IS incredibly similar
However gold is a brighter yellow and shiny rather than a more dull and muted colour, Plus gold doesn’t tarnish whilst brass might


The knuckles are plastic you damn loon.


As a minigolf ball, I think plastic is a myth.


Sorry to drag on but one last thing i noticed that made me chuckle was your first comment

Then the picture you used
Are actually Gold-plated “Balls of Steel” for Pachinko


damn, yeah i didn’t look into it much, apart from making sure i didn’t use a rendered image and something that existed in the real world :stuck_out_tongue:




No it’s actually

Tower 3D prints everything to lower costs


i wake up and this is what i’m greeted with.