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Not sure if this has been answered before, but will there ever be an option to toggle the spelling of words in typing derby from American english to UK/Australia english?


make it so when you play in US servers it uses US Spelling whilst other servers use UK :)))


many people, such as myself, go to the US servers because they’re unfortunately often the only servers that have people in them.

edit: probably woldn’t be an isse for me thogh, I don’t mind having to leave ot the “u” on basically every word :wink:


yeah the spelling will mess me up alot,
i will always default to colour rather than color and that will ruin it for me


Project Gutenberg pulls its text straight from the books, though, right? I’d imagine that there are books in there with the u intact for words like colour, so maybe it’s possible that you could get either style of those kinds of words.


There probably won’t be a language option for the Typing Derby, as they are pulled from books which are written in English. The books will use the language they’ve been written in, for example the Typing Derby API contains I would say around 80% of the 1898 Book, War of the Worlds, which was written in English but uses British Spelling for certain words, like Aluminium and Colour.


Is this what you were referring to as a reference to the Typing Derby API?




Fuck that was a great book. Then again, so was the original radio feature & musical album version.


January 23rd, 2019

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