[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


That Lobby 3 condo lobby’s looking pretty good (and the doors)!


Condo specific doors are such a great idea!


Does this mean no loading screens for condos?


It’s just different door designs for each condo, you still have to load into the condo.


That would be a train wreck for the plaza load times lmao


hopefully some sort of air race becomes a full game


if only the condos loaded as quickly as the matchmaking server


That depends on the condos themselves at the moment. More items mean longer load times. But we’ve talked about solutions to this issue and hope to one day resolve it.


I honestly don’t think condos are super bad for loading, it’s the plaza I wish would load faster, and I’m hoping lobby 3 brings that


Shouldn’t the Highrise door be like an elevator?


it probably will be, none of the doors in that photo are highrise however
left to right: default condo, underwater, art studio


This is amazing! Can’t wait for the condo-themed doors.

edit: Also will you eventually make it so you can customise the themed doors? (for example: The colour of the doors, sounds and particle effects?)
Either way, the point at where I can get stuff while grinding, we have made it, this is the TU I was promised.


Condo milestones?


Yeah that’d be cool! being able to customise the door slightly would show what the condo is like would be great.


Can we have the condo’s name displayed above the door please?


Looking forward to the game mode player models I would def rock out as the knights (all stages) from Little Crusaders even the dragon haha


January 14th, 2019

Notice: All items below are provided without context. There is NO guarantee anything featured in them will be present in the final release. These items are shown from RAW development. Items are in chronological order, bottom being most recent.


Ball race Team Battles? HOLY S-


Neat idea but I’m not sure what in the video you’re referring to.


check both clips, what’s different from the both of them?