[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


20x combo? Those are rookie numbers!

Jk, pls don’t make me aim for a 100 combo again


I tried to whip up a quick version where the different tabs are page dividers, lemme know what you think ( I didn’t know what the flag was so I left it out)

Two additional things, I just added two lines on the bookmark cos I thought it would help break up the plaza achievements
(I also noticed that the space left in the achievements might not be wide enough for achievement icons if those are going there)

Also I like the idea of merging the boardwalk games into one category. I think that could work well + reducing padding a bit


Hell yeah, this looks great. Thanks for taking my suggestion ;3


I see what you’re going for, but I personally think this is a little too crowded and the sideways text is hard to read. In a digital medium we don’t have to make sacrifices for physical constraints, so I like the idea of tabs sliding out when you hover over or click them to read the label.


I know this is a nitpick, but I think it’d look better if the little bookmarks went into the pages themselves.

Also, in my opinion, a good way to avoid the big ribbon thing altogether would be enabling players to go from page to page (to turn pages) and include a big list of contents at the very beginning. Said list could include clickable links to quickly get to specific categories, and there could be an additional bookmark/“ribbon” that would take you back to the list from any other section.

I love the book themed UI overall, though.


This is actually a great idea and in my opinion would be better.


I’ll play devil’s advocate to @Vaibhav_Agarwal here, and say that I would not prefer this. It might look nicer sure, but you sacrifice a bit of intuitivity and ease of access. I don’t mind some unrealistic scrolling if it means I can access everything very easily.


yeah i agree with M2TheT
like yeah design is good and all
but i do prefer to have easier navigation
and with achievements and such i think people would only be quickly popping in this to quickly go and look at progress
and without that navigation constantly there i think it would get more irritating

i don’t think people are going to pay loads of attention to the design and more to the practicality when using it


Loving the look of the Achievement Book. One suggestion i have is instead on the scroll bar on the far right. Have on the bottom right (or maybe top right) of the page a corner folded over and when you click it goes to the next page showing you the rest of the achievements. Something like this picture


The above posts are describing just that.
Although, I gotta agree with some of the others here and say that feels like too much of a sacrifice for design over ease of use and “efficiency”. Just feels like it’s going too overboard on the book design for a UI that’s meant to be accessed swiftly and infrequently


Yeah I’ve contemplated making it actually turn pages and I think that it’s just an overall bad design for this.

For one, I try to design UI with the least amount of hidden information as possible and the page method would hide several achievements from view. Then you have the added “well I think it was on page 4 but I can’t remember issue”. And then there’s possibly tons of achievements which means tons of pages possibly. It’s just tedious UX, which I want to avoid. I know some console games do pages for their UI, but that’s a side effect of controllers. Since we are PC we can get away with scroll bars (controller support could just use the right thumb stick to scroll I suppose or change completely).


Is that a re-recorded sunshine day?


Yes, Will completely recreated it from scratch.


Will doing an amazing job with sound again. This is fucking amazing, sounds are so important, I love this


Also please, bring back the award.wav a.k.a Sunshine Day !
When we completed any of achievements / milestones.


Also wow I just realized the trumpet has been replaced with the guitarish piano that is used in quite a few Tower Unite songs (it’s pretty iconic at this point i think)


oh man i could never figure out in gmt what they were meant to say
thank you lord i can die happy


Will the Sunshine Day sound (with effects and such) be used in the game for achievements?


That’s the plan.


Saw that this stuff from earlier today wasn’t posted yet so here’s some pics (Insert usual disclaimer about these being WIP here)