[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


That’s the Sweat Drops particle effect. The camera is also just a cosmetic.


you’re right, it’s one of the two new particle effects i think. they show up on the item manifest


Thanks alot for putting my suggestion in the game i’ve been talking about it for days, i know it’s not official yet. I’m really glad and this has made me really happy!


I mean, they possibly would have added it anyways, after all, it was in GMod Tower.


September 6th 2018…

wait august has gone that quick wtf?

hat offset and how it works

hat offset for golf ball (this has 3d glasses and crown that actually fit the golf ball amazing)

emote types, normal one that plays the emote once like the golf swing, looping one is like the sitting animation and 2 player ones for like high fives and stuff i guess where you need 2 people to do it

emotes with prop support


these don’t really count but still, they are funny

Milk dance animation on a human playermodel… crazy isn’t it


mac wants to make this look less strange, is it good or bad i can’t really tell?


they do count, any tu media posted by devs is pretty much posted here


I think it looks really funny(good because they are milk cartons!)




Iron Man loves cats


It has just occurred to me that a size proportion lock would be a fantastic idea, you know, the button that changes all the scale sliders at once, so you don’t lose the 1:1:1 ratio and fit the hats incorrectly.


iron man confirmed furry


Like this?


You wouldn’t believe how happy it makes me to finally see the offset editor in action. :joy:


Happy Friday (the 7th)!




wow a rocket


That’s super cool, except I don’t think they should be able to resize guns



Oh man i am so excited for workshop
I’ll finally be able to play as best girl chiaki