[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


You sir are making me nut.
Will there be a representation of where the teleporter leads?
(For example: How the Launchpad shows the trajectory, will the tele have a line tracing where the teleporter leads?)


Nope. The trajectory visualization was mostly done to help the condo owner fine-tune the arc in which players travel, whereas the teleporter is an instantaneous movement. You could, however, use a canvas or sign of some sorts to describe where it leads.


I was just wondering how you judge where a teleporter will go while you’re editing the XYZ location is all.
Not for visualisation sake when you’re not editing it.

Or do you edit it, move to the location where you want it to teleport you. Then use the ‘HERE’ button?


Oh, well yes it does show a gizmo on the target location while editing. We’ll make a video showcasing these items on how they work with the upcoming update.


@Madmijk will there be another new item like the portable Spawn Door where players spawn, that would be coming soon? Where you can put it anywhere
(for example:Map flat grass spawns you in the middle of the platform but if you have an portable spawn door you can move it to far grass or anywhere)


Teleporter? Nice.


This would complete a holy trinity of condo transportation items. Hopefully we’ll be able to put the teleporter item on the existing spawn points to automatically move the player to where you want them to spawn for a temporary fix.


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Funny User #673
-Creates Condo
-Places a jump pad in front of the door and a teleporter
-When user enters the condo, he/she is thrown into a wall (which has a teleporter on it) and then he/she appears in the sky falling to his/her death.


No one posted this yet:


That makes me wonder how many physics iterations Tower actually does


August 9th, 2018

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You can make pets?


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