4.19 Public Beta! (Concluded)

Beta is now over!

We know this is sudden, but we need your help!

In order to test our new hardware and Unreal 4.19 changes, we need as many people as possible to join us in a public beta test. Our objective is to stress test the Plaza with 64 full player slots.

If we can manage to have the game running smoothly with 64 players, we want to keep raising the amount of player slots until the server declines in quality. This will give us an idea of how many players we can handle per server.

We plan to run this public beta for a couple hours. It starts now!

There are no new major features in this beta. It is the same experience as the non-beta version.

Here’s how to get involved in the public beta:

  • Open Steam and navigate to Library > Tower Unite > Properties > Betas and pick beta - Public Beta in the dropdown list. Tower Unite will redownload! If you do not see the beta, try rebooting Steam.
  • Once it’s downloaded, join Official US East 4 - 4.19 Testing, and wait for more information.
  • Once we’re done testing or you want to switch back to the regular version of the game, navigate to the Tower Unite Betas list and pick default.

:warning: REMEMBER: Steam will re-download the entire game when you join the Beta! And once again when you switch back to the normal version of Tower Unite!! :warning:

:rotating_light: HEADS UP: Loading Condos will currently crash your game in this public beta due to a bug with Condo workshop models. We’re working on this issue, but the point of this public beta is for the Plaza, not Condos.

Thank you all for your support!
<3 PixelTail Games


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I won’t be able to make it but I do wish you guys luck! Remember, its gucci till everything is on fire!


hoping this isnt gonna require pak version since haha i use non-pak

Awesome! Good thinking doing this in a separate beta branch so it doesn’t impact the live game.

No, it does not require the pak version.


Sounds good. Downloading the beta now!

EDIT: Question, is progress saved during this beta phase?

Will be there ASAP!

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well downloading the bata now

It’s a no from me, dog

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Let’s stress test this build, boys!


You can count me in!

no idea how the performance has been the whole stream but I’ve been streaming for most of it just in case y’all wanna see what happened

edit: archived 2:14:48 recording


Downloading now.

Thank you all for participating! Everything went well and we got a ton of data!

It looks like we’ll definitely have 64 player slot servers in our future! :confetti_ball:

We were able to get to 76/80 players!

We surpassed our goal of 64 players and the server was handling it all quite well! We did have a few server crashes that were unrelated to player counts, but we know what the crashes were and will be resolving them.

Things most players reported that were improved:

  • Bowling physics were improved
  • Jetpack movement was improved
  • A lot less player stuttering (only started getting a little off at 74 players)

Things we’ll be working on from these tests:

  • Optimizing wearables
  • Optimizing more Plaza areas
  • Optimizing some additional networking
  • Optimizing weapons in Plaza
  • Optimizing more firework particles
  • Several bug fixes from the beta test

Some pictures…


Looked like tons of fun, sad i missed it.