[] Unable to access casino, Clipping into floor

Just got on the game after about 6 months, cant go into the casino. I switched servers got into the casino and couldnt leave, then i fell through the map. everytime i see an update i get exccited only to realize the game is still broken to shit. I lag in every server, cant play any minigames

as i was typing this i actually just fell through the map lmao

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this violates a lot of the rules in the bug report guidelines, so please try to follow them a bit better!

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Most of these bugs are being worked on, Don’t worry friend.

And also Borg, address the concern and then address the format issues. Otherwise the poor guy will feel like no one is listening.

The floor issue is known (it doesn’t always happen and only on certain servers/conditions) and is being patched as soon as possible. For now you can use the fast travel to get to the Casino.

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