[] Audio Breaking/Stuttering during several occasions

Since the fishing update, there’s been an issue with the audio on mine, and a few other users games

TU will be running fine at high frames, but at certain moments, the audio will start breaking and stuttering, and at the same time, the frames will either drop or TU will freeze for a couple of seconds, up to 30 seconds.

I’ve recorded two videos of this issue happening, i can’t pinpoint exactly how and when it occurs, but it’s simply most of the time.

1- Menu

Notice how the audio glitch stops once I hover my cursor over any option

2-Ingame during Prism (Same issues as most of the times, but the FPS freezes are missing in this one, couldn’t record those moments)

for my specs, in case they’re any help:
GTX 1050 2GB

EDIT: Forgot to mention, i’ve tested both PAK and default builds, same issue

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