[] Random Freezing/Crashing when Alt Tabbing & at Freeze Tag

Quick Note: I never had this issue with crashing/freezing when tabbing out before the lightning changes to the original condo a couple months back.

Basically when I came back to the game for the newest update with Silver Catsacks I had gone to the casino to gamble for some cash. However now when I sometimes tab out of my game (sometimes for just 5 seconds, sometimes a minute at most) my game will freeze up and stop responding along with my Operating System. Meaning I can’t even task manager to force close the game, I usually have to try and log out as a user or reboot completely. I had a similar issue with Laser Tag where sometimes when I am loading into the waiting room and the screens transition or when I am exiting after a match my game will do the same type of freeze and I need to go through this roundabout way to fix it. This has made the casino and laser tag basically unplayable for me though. The alt tab crashing happens no matter where I am, but usually in casino I tab out to change songs or reply discord to boops.

My operating system is Windows 7 and all other games I have played never have any issues like this.
I have tried to Verify my Game Cache with no changes, and I have tried to re-install my game as well.
My windows is up to date as well.

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