[] Can't connect to TU servers for more than 12 hours (maybe more)

Can’t connect to TU servers for more than 12 hours (maybe more), keeps showing Offline AGC but then shows the number of players online. Can access Condos HUB and own Condos, but not Plaza. server list does not show available servers.

Am I blocked? I’m not doing anything about it.thx for the help~~

You are not blocked, but I would check your connection to towerunite.com.

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thank you mac~~

That’s weird, I can access towerunite.com normally. I also tried running TU with the VPN on and still can’t get the Plaza server list. I also logged into Plaza last week to pick up easter eggs. I haven’t done anything this week either. the wifi6 router that I just replaced last month supports ipv6 and I’m now accessing steam via ipv6.

If it’s not a TU issue, I might have to ask my ISP provider about it

By the way, one phenomenon that might be relevant is that after the (and possibly update, every time I go into TU it shows the message +units +arcade ticket count, which wasn’t there before.

Now since it’s been offline AGC TU doesn’t show this message anymore

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Players from China have been unable to connect to the AGC server for about 3 days now. Is there an issue with it? I’ve checked https://towerunite.statuspage.io/ and it shows everything is normal. I also looked at https://steamstat.us/ but still can’t determine if there’s a problem.

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Yeah bro, I’m in mainland China, so we’re the same, but I tried opening the VPN and it still shows offline.

It’s very weird to be able to access Condos HUB and access other people’s Condo via HUB, but not Plaza. Once you access someone else’s Condos, it is impossible to get a list of online Condos, which is the same as not being able to get a list of Plaza servers.

It looks like this is an issue with accessing AGC servers from China, I have since switched to SSTap’s global proxy or VK booster and have been able to access Plaza. the original use of global SSR may have just been proxying web traffic. The problem is that I was able to connect directly to TU without using a proxy. hopefully this will be fixed soon.

I did more node testing, and currently mainland China, Hong Kong, and some parts of Japan, can’t access the TU AGC server.

I’ve also identified a potential cause and solution. It seems that some of the Steam and game traffic is not being routed through the proxy and is instead using a direct connection, which results in failure to connect to the AGC server. The solution is to enable TUN Mode to ensure that all traffic, including both TCP and UDP, is routed through the proxy server.

From a few tests I was able to run last night, it appears our AGC backend server is infact blocked in Mainland China, though tests didn’t seem to indicate any issues in Hong Kong.

It appears that for now, you’ll have to use a VPN like you mentioned to bypass the block.


oh sh*t,this will definitely affect the growth of TU’s customer base in China :frowning: