[] Workshop Map Reload, Canvases Fail To Load

When loading an sdk map twice in a row in the same server/session, sometimes the map/item will load incorrectly the second time. This seems to affect canvases inside a map

Steps to Reproduce

To reproduce the map glitch:

  1. Clear workshop cache(?)
  2. Load into a map in SDNL or Virus (e.g., my ttt_minecraft_b5 remake)
  3. Finish the match and vote for the same map again
  4. Some canvases do not load in correctly (see screenshot)

What I expected to happen

The map reloads as normal

What happened

Some of the canvases fail to load. This seems to be tied to spatial regions (as opposed to ordering in the .map file).

Notes / Media

My theory for what is happening is that the workshop cache hasn’t finished saving from the previous session. When you reload the map, there’s a race condition where the map attempts to load from the cache while it’s still being updated. This would explain why some canvases load fine and others don’t load at all, because they loaded from an inconsistent cache. This could also explain some of the other canvas-related bugs (Canvas not loading since recent update [])

EDIT: This bug also seems to be most notable/frequent on larger maps, and seems to be clientside

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Workshop maps do seem to be the worst affected in my experience with Canvas not loading since recent update [].