[] Lag on the game eveytimes. Optimization issue. Other games base on UE4 don't do that

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The latest version is [] Early Access

Summary of bug here.
Performances are not stable and lag everytimes in suddent moments.

Steps to Reproduce

Please list how this bug can be reproduced, if possible. Pictures would be much appreciated!

  1. Launch the game
  2. Join a server (Plaza, games, condos etc.

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior.

FPS should being smooth and stable, not shattering up their FPS.

What happened

The issue the bug caused.

Lack of optimizations everytimes.

Notes / Media

Other misc. notes about the bug. Picture or videos are appreciated!

Obligatory questionnaire for a performance-based report–

  • What model of CPU and GPU do you have?

  • How much RAM do you have and at what speed?

  • Do you have the game installed on a hard drive or an SSD, SATA or NVMe?

  • What are the lag spikes like if you try disabling workshop playermodels?

  • What graphics settings are you running at? Also, are you on DirectX 10 or 11? If using Linux, which Proton version are you using?

  • Are you using any sort of power saving mode?

  • What operating system are you using?

Would it be possible to get a screenshot of your CPU and GPU usage graphs in task manager

For CPU ideally it’d show all the cores since the smaller preview isn’t as useful as it’ll average out the utilization between cores and Tower probably isn’t using most of them.

For GPU the small tab on the left of the task manager should be fine unless the GPU memory usage is fluctuating weirdly or is just maxed out and having to overflow into system memory.

RAM could also be useful if it’s maxing out for some reason (e.g. a memory leak).


CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6750XXT (Support DX12)
RAM: 16 GB Ram DDR4
OS: Windows 11 Pro 23H2
PC Type: Desktop

I tried to disable Workshop models and still lagging. I reduced settings and i still lagging. It’s not solve by himself.

I uploaded a record on YouTube due to limitations of Streamable. But it’s seriously a big issue to the ram.

OBS took a bit of ram has well for encoding the recorded video.