[] Rubberbanding/Stuttery movement in low latency condos

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Summary of bug here.

I am experiencing rubberbanding and stuttery movement in low latency condos, where there is a fluctuating latency of 30ms-50ms on average in general

It would seem the like improvements to netcode and prediction implemented and deployed ahead of SDNL in update have not been transferred across to condos

I have documented this issue in condos with two distinct hosts, namely GateTheCat and Kads

Steps to Reproduce

It is difficult to reproduce this as every host’s system performs differently

What I expected to happen

Smooth, consistent, properly predicted movement

What happened

The issue the bug caused.

Notes / Media

Other misc. notes about the bug. Picture or videos are appreciated!

Kads’ condo:

GateTheCat’s condo:

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These improvements were for very specific cases such as rocket jumping, teleporters, push volumes, etc. It’s not the same as walking around.

Movement in Unreal is predicted. It uses a system where the client runs a client-side prediction for movement, then the server will correct the client when the server thinks the client is off, causing the jitter you are seeing. There’s a couple ways to improve this, but that’s the Unreal prediction design. I have been looking into ways to improve it.