[] Memory Usage Jumps to 99% when duplicating large amounts of IO fires

When in an IO menu, duplicating outputs using the duplication button, after duplicating a large amount of entrees (usually about 100) memory usage will jump to 99% and effectively crash the game. Notably, this is a spike in memory usage and not a gradual one as more and more entrees are duplicated, so this is likely not simply a result of many entrees taking up a large amount of memory.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place button or relay (what I had tested with)
  2. Open connections menu of item and create a new connection (in my case, an instruction to recolor an item.)
  3. Duplicate this entry many times. Generally close to 100.
  4. Observe memory usage spike in task manager.

What I expected to happen

Memory usage would remain low and game would keep running, or memory usage would steadily raise to match the slowly increasing amount of memory needed.

What happened

Changes to large amounts of items may need to be split up into multiple buttons or relays because of this issue.

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I should also clarify this only seems to happen when you are actively duplicating. The number of tasks is not what is causing this, because after some trial and error I was able to get to my needed 169 tasks on one relay.

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Just came to report the same issue - if it has any relation, mine were to color a button.

Just duplicating a bunch of buttons causes my game to crash but Iā€™m also getting the same crash from just adding new entries to my button. My game crashes around the 140-150 mark every time.

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