[] Workshop related items fail to load (player models and condo models!)


Workshop models fail to load, both player AND condo models. Uninstalling then reinstalling fail to fix the issue, along with verifying game files.

Steps to Reproduce

Load Tower Unite on Linux (???) (proton 9.1, 8.30, 9.4)

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior.

What happened

No models are loading!

Notes / Media

Occasionally, some models I have subscribed to have loaded, but newer models fail to load entirely. Resetting my cache made it worse by having fewer models load.

I have seen nothing anywhere about others having this same issue, nor i found a way to fix it. I’m no expert at bug fixing and other linux users seem to have no problem, but I could be wrong… I also use a steam deck, though i doubt it’s the exact issue


I’ve got the same issue! I’m on desktop Linux so it’s definitely not a Steam Deck specific problem. Canvases don’t load either.

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Same here with debian. seems to not discriminate per distro.

An update on the situation:


Running a debug build on Mac’s steamdeck, we’ve found at least the issue in part. For some reason Steam’s api call is giving us a garbage file ID. It’ll install it fine, but then when it tells us an item has been installed, here’s the ID, instead of 32423095 or whatever, it’s 18446744069414584320 which is 0b1111111111111111111111111111111100000000000000000000000000000000 in binary. I don’t know why its setting the upper 32 bits and clearing the lower 32, but we’re trying to figure out a workaround.


Basically in a layman’s terms:

Shit’s fucked up, Yo.

MX x86_64 here, can confirm I’m having the same issue.

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One of my friends who uses linux suddenly has this issue now, and we have no idea what caused the issue…
I too still have this problem. (edit: still happening in

We have a fix in the works and it’ll be ready by update

Steam’s own API is returning the wrong install information, which caused the issue.


I cannot express how much I appreciate this enough. Thank you for taking the time !!! <3