[] Suggestions for changes based on my experiences so far


----- Dinos vs Hunters -----

  • Spawn locations need to change periodically, spawn camping gets bad (especially on Frostbite map)
  • Dinos need to make more noise: they are way too stealthy (specifically on Hinderance map)
  • The shotgun is super strong on hunters: switch it to double barrel?
  • Winning is bugged, scores get reversed sometimes (the losing team wins instead of the winning team)

----- Grav glove mode -----

  • On Meadows boxes break and don’t respawn, which results in awkward staring matches after running out of boxes. Put unbreakable boxes on it and make them respawn incase they fly out of the map
  • Add Third person mode: Sometimes the game mode feels awkward to play due to the prop you’re holding blocking the view

----- Oddball -----

  • The Oddball carrier is way too agile, they need to have reduced speed/jumping (At least on frostbite. teleports on the map make it even worse.)
  • Oddball melee should always 1hit

----- Team and normal Gun Game -----

  • On Team Gun Game, Guns should progress as a team: currently it is same as normal Gun Game, but just with less people to kill due to them being on your team
  • Some weapons instantly kill you after you get a kill with them (camera being one of them)
  • Weapon progression is bad at times: all melee weapons should be at the end instead of some being in the middle. Middle melee weapons end up being things you get hard stuck on, and if an enemy gets past it before you there is no hope in catching up, due to an extremely strong weapon being given after a melee weapon.

----- Slasher -----

  • On Frostbite map you can get almost soft-locked if everyone throws their chainsaw and doesn’t kill a person. Only way to respawn with a new chainsaw is to run in the tunnels and jump down in the pit. Make chainsaws respawn after x amount of time after throwing to fix it?

----- Capture the Flag -----

  • Sword is way too overpowered, you can capture in seconds and enemy cant do much about it
  • Prevent capping if your flag isn’t at your base as a balancing change


  • Crossbow should deal more damage: It is not rewarding to use due to it dealing so little damage while being hard to hit. It would be satisfying to use if it would one-hit most people, perhaps people under 120hp or so. Note that i do still like this crossbow more compared to the one in virus so please do not change it to that.

  • Revolver: Slow down fire rate or reduce clip size, it is very strong

  • On frostbite, shields and health packs should be more spread out: some are stacked too close to each other which encourages just camping the shield spawns

  • More ammo spawns spread out all over the maps, and randomize where they spawn

  • Add a random weapon mode where everyone uses the same weapon which changes periodically (every 30 seconds or so)

  • Add option to allow players to vote for a game mode

  • Add option to have a different game mode on the 2nd round of the game

  • Fix tiny models being tiny: having to block models gets annoying

  • Fix large models being too big: trying to hit a large model is hard as the hitbox is not as big as the model

  • Fix dying randomly after getting a kill (especially on Gun Game)

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