[] Condo not saving/loading properly outside of Snapshots after new update

After the last large update, my condo only saves textures and paint color changes, but no furniture or items. Every time I load in, everything is gone except the walls and floors. I have multiple saves under the snapshot feature now so I won’t keep losing my work every time I re-enter my condo, but it would be great if this issue could get sorted. It’s annoying having to load everything in each time.

Hello, could you give us more information? Is this happening in a specific condo or in all of your condos?

So I’ve been working in the suite for about a month and it’s happened there every time I closed the game after the update. Doesn’t matter if I restart the game, my PC, refresh the condo… only the textures would load in each time. I just went to check after your response and it seems to be saving it again. I went to every condo I have and everything looks normal. It’s saving my re-design now as well. I’m not sure if it’ll last. It’s been a consistent problem since the update. I took a break from decorating after I lost everything.