[] Mini Golf > Water Hole > Hole 18 "Loop"

Summary of bug here.

On hole 18 an “out of bounds” loop is occurring when the golf balls drop into the mining carts. I’m providing you with a video clip as well as 3 screen shots in ‘Media’. The specific moment the balls are incorrectly detected as going out of bounds is in screen shot #3.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Putt #1 brings the ball to just before it rising up the lift
  • Putt #2 lands the ball on the lift
  • Loop continues until timing out. Approximately 9 repetitions

What I expected to happen

Before the game engine was updated the ball would go up the lift, fall into the mining cart and travel to the second half of hole 18. I am expecting the game to not falsely detect the golf ball going out of bounds when it is being dropped into the mining cart.

What happened

Refer to the video clip in ‘Media’.

Notes / Media

A video demonstration of this loop:

Photo #1: Golf ball is waiting for a mining cart

Photo #2: Golf ball drops into the mining cart

Photo #3: Golf ball is immediately incorrectly detected as being out of bounds

Photo #4: The end result is about 9 repetitions (Refer to ‘Hole #18’ score)

Any questions? Please send me a message. - Ron

This is now fixed in the next update, which we’re wrapping things up for release this week.


Thanks for your response. I know your team is working hard to develop the game.