[] Transdimensional Painting with Set Exit Rotation disabled shows wrong location when condo is reloaded

I have a Transdimensional Painting in my condo leading to a work-in-progress media storage area, and it shows the wrong location when approached. Teleportation still functions as expected.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place a Transdimensional Painting and set an exit.
  2. Disable Set Exit Rotation. (I did some testing and this bug does not occur if it is left on.)
  3. Save and reload the condo, either with a snapshot or by leaving and reentering.

What I expected to happen

The painting should show the correct destination regardless of distance.

What happened

The view in the painting itself, when approached close enough for the real-time preview, leads to a different location than the actual destination. It seems to be the same location the camera jumps to in this bug: [] Libretro console will not connect to a Projector until a snapshot is saved and reloaded

Notes / Media