( Game Freezes then Blue Screen in Plaza and Condos

Build 10087979

Since the winter 2022 update, December 6th, 2022, while in a plaza or a condo for from 3+ minutes Tower Unite freezes and then a few seconds later crashes my laptop to blue screen. I was once able to End the Task to Tower Unite before my laptop was able to blue screen.w

Crash Situations:
·In an empty plaza it took about 4 minutes before the game froze as I started searching for treasure from the sea.

·In my condo with 2k items and less than 5 small workshop items, after 20 minutes of sitting in it, when I started building by changing a sprite sheet for the 5th time to a large 80x sized tube that it froze the game and subsequently blue screened my laptop.

·I sat in the moon condo which has around 200 items and no workshop items for about 20 minutes not moving then I flew a bit and the game froze hung my laptop and blue screened.

·When I entered a condo with many images and 250+ workshop items it took less than three minutes after walking forward for the game to hang and freeze then freezing Windows and going to blue screen.

Not Crashing Situations:
I was able to play virus without any apparent problem for about 5 rounds. I was also able to sit in the condo hub for an indefinite amount of time. It went from 8% to 28% Vram usage while I was there.

In all cases my Vram only ever showed up to maximum 64% usage in the Task Manager any place I went. The Main Menu gave a Vram usage of 21%.

Before the Winter Update I had no crashes in Tower Unite since before the Halloween Update in October 2022. I have been able to run Tower Unite in DX11 with full ultra settings and 120 Resolution until the update. Changing the graphical settings did not seem to have any effect on the freezing.

My Laptop Specifications:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (2019)
6 gigs Vram

Windows 10, 10.0, version 2009, build:19045 (64)

Blade 15 Base Model (Late 2020), Razer, OL510
GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 8664, level:6
12 logical processors, active mask: 4095
32 gigs of RAM

Crash Error:
intelppm.sys (intelppm+ox138f)

What I have done to try to fix the problem:
·Updated my NVIDIA video drivers and my Intel drivers
·Cleared my Workshop Cache
·Cleared my Steam Download Cache
·Attempted to run the game in DX10, no difference in result
·Changed all display settings in game to Medium without any change in the resulting crash and the timing
·I have tested other games and had no issues with crashes or freezing

A theory that came from consulting others that there may be a small memory leak that affects my system because it has only 6gigs of vram while others with more stout systems only find that the game freezes for a minute or less.

I would love to find a way to do some building in my condo again. Please let me know if you need any other information.
Thank you, nephco

I am attaching the 3 minidump files I was able to find:


It happened with Placid Plastic Duck Simulator also, same crash. Did not happen with Wobbly Life. May not be TU.

(I uninstalled Tower Unite and reinstalled it. Now I cannot enter the Plaza, it crashes out right away as attempts to load in, no crash message. I flew for one minute in the condo hub and the game crashed without the crash message.

Here is the latest minidump:

It may be highly possible that your laptop may not be powerful enough to run TU. You should attempt to adjust your settings to run at the lowest possible, and if that doesn’t work, then check to see if there’s not something wrong with your drivers.

Gotta love the winter patch being the determining factor in “your laptop may not be powerful enough to run TU.”

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damn… 32 gigs of memory, an i7, 1660 ti with 6 gigs of VRAM ain’t powerful enough for TU ;(

Hey I’ve got double that and a 2080 and sometimes that bogs down.

Also where the hell where you for the last two shows huh? Your contract don’t run out till next march. <_<

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These minidumps are a tough nut to crack because they occur deep inside the engine. The second one doesn’t even open for me, something about an invalid format according to Visual Studio.

The first and the fourth relate to the renderer, and the third one I am not sure about. Are you sure those minidumps are from the crashes/bluescreens you mentioned? It wouldn’t surprise me if there isn’t even any time for the engine to write a minidump file in the event of a bluescreen.

One of the renderer crashes hinted towards something about memory allocation. The only thing I can think of related to this is the use of the -notexturestreaming launch option. Do you use this option? If so, consider not using it, because maybe, somehow, too much VRAM is being used. Please note that my logic may be completely flawed here, because the renderer is not my cup of tea.

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Something I will note about the Texture streaming, if I may @Madmijk, is when I have it enabled, it constantly bogs down the textures wayyyy too much at too close a range, even with the highest settings enabled. I have an RTX 2080 that should run TU just fine, but when texture streaming is on it tends to look like dogshit for some reason, and I can’t figure out why.

Additionally I think my 2080 now may be having mechanical issues, but thats more on me and less on the game. I’ll get back with you on that.

Fixed: Blue Screen Error intelppm.sys in Windows 10/11
(Unable to play games in Windows)

The problem occured due to a corrupted intelppm.sys file. It can also happen when the file is mistakenly removed from the system drive.

Editing the registry for intelppm “Start” value to 4 and rebooting fixed this problem.

There are other fixes if I wouldn’t have been able to boot the drive as well.

Thanks to everyone for their comments! :saluting_face:

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