[] Condo: Every NPC becomes female NPC

many times when i load into my condo all of sudden all my NPCs have changed into the female NPC but says its a steam workshop model when its not

it happens at random like sometimes they the NPC they should be and other times all female NPC


Bumping to say this is happening to me as of All of these were previously skeletons:

This isn’t even the first time they’ve done this either, yesterday I went through every single one of these NPCs switching them to Skeleton and they reset again anyway.


It was supposed to be fixed in (and was even included in the patch notes) but the fix wasn’t pushed I guess.


Still occuring in

This is now fixed in the next update.


Still occurring.

I’m not having this issue anymore since the update. You have to update the items, though. The new default position in the character drop-down menu is a blank entry and you’ll need to select the model again for each.

EDIT: Wrong bug. It was the other NPC bug that was fixed, and now I’m experiencing this one, instead.

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Already have tried this, 20 times. Never saves.

Interesting, what’s the Workshop model? It may not be downloading / displaying it properly.

It’s definitely downloading/displaying properly, when I remove the model and put it back on, it shows. I was using the most Dio player model. It just doesn’t save. When I leave the condo and come back, it’s all female NPCs again. Oddly, some of my really old NPCs are still saved fine, just can’t add any new ones at this point as they all revert.

How many workshop NPCs are being used in that Condo?

This is still occurring, I’m seeing this issue.

Most, but not all of the NPC’s I place in my condo revert to the default model after reloading the condo and T-Pose.

Most visible issue for me currently.

This bug apparently overlapped with a very similar bug that was resolved in that also reverted NPCs into default models so it’s hard to narrow down exactly when it started for me.

  • It happens to all of the NPCs that I’ve placed since the update.

  • NPCs that were placed before experiencing the bug(s) are not affected and always load normally.

  • The affected NPCs each revert to a T-posing non-workshop model (whatever model was selected before the workshop model was added to the NPC item, not just Default Female) upon loading/reloading the condo.

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This now appears to be fixed, as well.

Non-workshop NPCs reverting to Default Female models: Resolved in

Workshop NPCs reverting to non-workshop models: Resolved in

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