[] Non-Workshop NPCs defaulting to the "Workshop" setting

When creating an NPC and selecting a non-workshop item, upon reloading it will reset to “Steam Workshop” and (may) turn the NPC into a Helena

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Place an NPC, select any non-workshop setting (Skeleton)
2 - Reload Condo
3 - See that the NPC has the “Steam Workshop” setting

What I expected to happen

The NPCs to retain their models settings.

Notes / Media

Note: before I reported this, he also turned into the default Female NPC model until I turned him back into a skeleton and reloaded again.

Instance of a Skeleton forcibly converted to a Helena due to this glitch.


Yup this is happening in my condos too ):



Boner is my Condos’ resident skeleton while Helena “operates” my Theatres in my Condos.
Him and Helena actually date back to when NPCs were first implemented!

Boner started out as a Nightclub bouncer, but ever since I gutted that room he’s had nowhere to go. Now he’s my oddjob guy (placing him behind desks to explain stuff), though recently I’ve placed him in one of my Theatre viewing rooms where he makes references to the videos my friends endure.
This is his image.


This is now fixed in the next update.


This issue is still present after the previous update that was supposed to fix it.


I’m still experiencing this issue in

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Appears to be fixed in

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