[] Slot machine would not allow me to exit if I do not have anymore money.

I bought Tower Unite yesterday and like a responsible person I wasted all my money at the Casino, specifically playing the slot machines. I played the Wheel of Money when I reached 0 in-game money, but I pulled the lever one last time and the machine went through its course. However, I was unable to leave my seat and I received a “Server is busy…” message when I clicked the Disconnect button. Instead, I clicked the Exit to Desktop button to free my character.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have 0 in-game money on your character.

  2. Spin the Wheel of Money (or any other slot machine).

  3. Press the keybind to exit from the seat.

What I expected to happen

In-game character should have properly exited from the slot machine minigame.

What happened

In-game character becomes stuck until player exits back to home desktop.


I’ve noticed this as well. It’s even worse when you have arcade tokens on you, as it also counts towards your units.