I seem to have a Unit-related issue

Profile overview reports a value.
Main HUD reports a slightly smaller value. (Around 2,500 units less.)

I could post this to Bug Reports, but I can’t reproduce the bug.

Edit: However, if you use the arcade machines, it deducts tokens as well as units. When you clear any of the arcade games, the units come back. Did the game originally use units prior to tokens?

this is a purely visual bug, if i remember right the arcade tokens are kind of “held” in the background as units but show up as tokens if that makes any sense … which makes it so that using an arcade machine subtracts the “tokens” which appear as units

the unit counter on your hud appears as less because it doesn’t count the units “held” in the background, while the main menu one does afaik

i can’t remember exactly (please correct me if im horrendously wrong!)… but it’s something along those lines