[] "Your Connection to the Host has been Lost" + Potential Fix

Since purchasing the game several months ago, I have constantly run into the issue of being disconnected for seemingly no reason at any given time. This is most common when connecting to the plaza, but does happen after connecting is complete, or in game worlds.

I’ve run the program as administrator, tried connecting on and off ethernet, I’ve manually allowed TU through my firewall, I’ve done it all and those disconnects persisted.

That being said, I haven’t had a single disconnect since disabling/uninstalling the ASUS GameFirst program. It would appear that that particular program just doesn’t like Tower Unite for whatever reason. Disabling/uninstalling fixed the problem in an instant after 8 months of constant disconnects.

If anyone else experiences this issue, I would highly recommend checking to see if you have GameFirst or a similar network optimization software that may be interfering with TU.


i can confirm, uninstalling that completely fixed my tower unite on asus laptop experience, to the point where i left for two hours to do something else, and came back to find out i was still in the plaza server when i returned

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