( wont load patch notes or game servers

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Steps to Reproduce

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everytine i start it doesnt change

What I expected to happen

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What happened

i cant join game servers but can host just fine severs dont show up as well as patch notes not showing due to error

Notes / Media

While not a crash, try the workaround steps found in this post and see if this helps you.

the link for the fix did not work its not found or does not exist but this could be it being im on an intel 11th gen processor now and was on an amd a10 before but yeah that link doesnt work

Here, try this one.


thank you very much this did it now I can play again you guys are the best thank you again keep up the hard work


Hi, for anybody else that’s reading this. I had the same issue. I couldn’t load the patch notes, join friends from the sidebar on the right on the splash screen, play videos in my condo, load images in my condo, or visit player hosted condos because they would not display. The fix that Caboose700 posted worked for me on Windows (yaaay thank you!!!) However, I would like to get this working on Linux. Is there a similar fix?

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