[] Game Freezes Every Couple of Seconds

Whenever I load into plaza, condo, or a game world, my game has a pattern of freezing that I cannot fix. The game would play normally for two seconds, then the screen would freeze for one second. This pattern then repeats forever. I have, however, found a potential cause of this issue.

If I disable workshop mods, then the issue immediately goes away. However, even with workshop mods enabled, this performance dip wouldn’t occur in earlier versions of the game.

My current PC has been able to handle this game and its’ addons in the past, but recently things have gone downhill. I would like to know how to maintain a stable framerate while also keeping workshop mods enabled. I have tried verifying game cache and reinstalling but this issue is still prevalent and very infuriating.

I’d recommend updating your graphics drivers.

The stuttering could be related to your hard drive. If you’re using an HDD I’d suggest defragging your HDD.

I will check on the drivers, but my game is currently installed on my M.2 SSD right now.

Someone in the Discord said it could be freezing due to loading multiple workshop models at once in crowded plaza servers. While that explanation makes sense, it doesn’t explain why I still get freezes in solo condos and game worlds.

Thanks for the advice!!