[] Cosmetics and Sitting behaviour

If you are in first person and sit, and then zoom out into third person, your cosmetics will not display in third person.

If you are in third person and sit, and then zoom into first person, your cosmetics will display in first person.

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Thanks for the report!


Similar topics that are in the same vein/show a video example of this happening

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I really hope the cosmetics get fixed soon. I’ve been waiting for a long time for a fix :frowning:
It’s a big part of Tower Unite experience where you spend your units to show cool or funny apparels. It easily breaks 99% of the time and I die a little inside every time my friend tells me they are broken.

Particle effects also don’t play (not sure if it’s client-sided) until I click any of the accessories again.

Even without doing anything, when I connect to a Plaza, although it shows they are fine on my end, my friends are still seeing shrunk items. I have to re-equip them WHILE they are around me to get them fixed on their computer. This means most strangers would see completely different look than I intended.

This is now fixed in!