[] Accessories being unvisible/staying on the 1st person view when using chairs

When you sit down on any chair while being in the first person view, then while activating third person view, you will see no accessories on yourself. If you are sitting down while being in the third person view, you can still see them, even when you switch back to the first person view - glasses/caps are on your camera in this case

They are aware of this bug

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I’ve actually seen this one, and I think it’s about something different because of this line:

in any case I recorded a video of this back then

looking back at it, i think the two descriptions are in the same vein

oh well, I’m not exactly sure. For the part with accessory shifting to the wrong position, it didn’t happen to me. For the part with you demonstrating what I wrote about, it does work like that. So I think those are different issues regarding the same vein, right

This is now fixed in