[] Reset cosmetics and failed purchases

I’m speaking on behalf of a friend with two problems with the game; One is only annoying, but the other makes playing the game very difficult.

1: My friend’s cosmetics reset any time he loads into a new area. It doesn’t matter what cosmetics or model he has on, he’s reset to a female with white hair and white clothes. It’s easy enough to change back to what he wanted to wear, but it’s still annoying.

2: Any time he attempts to make purchase of any kind, he is locked into the buying screen while it says it is “processing” indefinitely, and he needs to re-log in to play the game again.

As a note to the second fix i would recommend leaving the synchronization off for a while and go equip a workshop model and some wearables to make sure that steam detects that the files aren’t synchronized when the system is turned back on.

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I just want to add to that first fix; any changes to the colours of the default models also seem to fix the first issue.

No clue about the second issue. Has your friend tried purchasing items through Tower Express?

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We’ll try it, thanks!

No, I’ll ask him to try that tonight.