[] Shadowplay working for anyone? Can't use the replay

I would really like to record it when I get a HIO on maps that don’t even have an achievement for it, the recording symbol is not showing for background recording. when I want to activate active recording it is asking me to activate desktop recording (which I don’t really want to activate).

does it need support from NVidia side?

It works fine for me, try running the game in fullscreen borderless. That’s what I use and shadowplay runs fine. Instant replay even works too.

I have it in borderless fs all the time.

For me I just enable desktop recording. Not terribly ideal but that seems to get instant replay to work for me

Same, I’ve never had issues with it recording Tower Unite but I’ve also had desktop recording turned on from the start.

When I go to find my Tower Unite clips, they’re always in the Desktop folder instead of a game specific folder like everything else, so I think Shadowplay just has a hard time picking up on TU.

Good information thanks for sharing