[] Vacant condos

This bugs me, boths 503 and 504 condos are vacant, but the one with the “Vacant” above is more noticeable from distance than the 504. The door light is darker, wich is really fine.

Wouldn’t it be like the 503 for all vacant condos ? (If needed, i’ll suggest this on suggestions)

So what you’re saying is that if a condo is vacant, the door should be dark?

Or are you saying that they’re both vacant, and differ too much in appearance?

It differs much, and i think it’s better if every vacant condo would be like the door 503, then yes, darker. (Possibly without the “Vacant” text)

From distance in the whole condos floor, you can better notice what condo is in use and wich ones are vacants.

One in use for comparison :

The doors and windows are enlighted enough to be seen from far.
I am wondering now if i consider still this as a bug, or a suggestion.

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I think the “vacant” sign missing and the lighting are indeed bugs. Not too sure though, so let’s just leave it here :wink:

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Waiting for a dev to reply. :slight_smile:
Hopefully this would be fixed in

It’s really hard to tell what’s taken or not anymore, in fact

The only way I know what’s vacant is because I know the server is empty.

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always :person_frowning:

Looks like the lights being on by default is a bug. I’ll see about fixing it in the next update.