[] Vacant condo doors issue #2

I have reported a while ago the same kind of bug. > [] Vacant condos
I saw 3 types of condo doors.
What bugs me is : When you’re using an elevator to get the condos floor, every doors looks normal, but no vacant text above them and the door itself is very bright.
You can see sometimes some owned condos, their doors are half-open etc… this is fine.

And now, like in the video, when you see someone checking out it’s condo, the door is darker, lights off, and vacant text is displayed above the door. I’m also adding that when you’re going back on the elevator to the tower lobby then once again going back on condo floor, the doors are back in default - lights off, no vacant text and the door is bright.

What i’m asking to fix:
Default doors should be like that #106 Condo not like #105.