[] Virus - Infected Payout 'Biohazard' isn't paying out the correct amount of units

–Back Story–
As discussed in my suggestions thread ‘Virus - Infected Payouts’, it was suggested that additional payouts for the infected side of the field were introduced, to create some motivation for the infected to get their asses moving and well, infect some lovely fresh survivors.

One of those suggestions in particular, ‘Biohazard’ is rewarded to the infected based on the number of infections they make through the round. The max limit of unit payout for ‘Biohazard’ is 3, in an effort to combat farming.

It ain’t working as intended. As proposed by the man himself, the payout for this particular ‘reward’ would be 25 units x number of infections (25 units minimum for 1 infection or 75 maximum for 3 infections). The system is currently paying out only 10 units per infection. I’m not sure if this is intentional or if the units count for the reward was changed last minute.

–Possible Fix–
As suggested by I, it would be nice if the units payout could indeed be increased from 10 to 25. 30 units total for 3 infections isn’t worth the playtime. 75 units for 3 infections? Hell yes. Count me in. Count me and hundreds of others in too.


Totally agree