Zombies need buffed in Virus, casino bets feel minimal.

In the minigame Virus, I played for the first time with a group of people and it was easy for the survivors to huddle up in an open spot and kill the 2 infected on the subway map. I’m sure this is done on multiple maps, but I think that Right-clicking as infected should give them an advantage like a speed boost or something. There were many rounds where the infected would end up with 2 players all round and since zombies go the same speed as survivors as well as the survivors are loaded with weapons, traps and adrenaline it just feels pretty unfair when you’re infected. I highly recommend giving the zombies some sort of advantage as well as the survivors.

Now onto casino betting, the game with betting that I am most concerned with is texas holdem. I can only raise 1k at a time which is just not very realistic when it comes to texas holdem I should be allowed to bluff all in or go all in when I want. ALL IN IS A FUNCTIONAL PART OF TEXAS HOLDEM IN ALL CASINOS AND ONLINE. I think you should be allowed to raise whenever you want in texas holdem and however much money you want because that is how you play texas holdem.

Lastly games like blackjack the minimum bet is 10k which doesn’t seem bad for blackjack, but I also believe there shouldn’t be a limit on how much you can bet but for this specific game it’s just an opinion. Everything else in the topic is my strong beliefs.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my thread, giving me beautiful insight, and understanding these few issues I have with the game. Now let’s all unite together in Tower Unite!