Zombie Massacre Tier List

Hello my fellow TU citizens, I had the strange urge to post my opinion on the weapons you can pick up in Zombie Massacre. I’m level 147 (which makes me totally unqualified) and have made the bulk of my units from it. Anyways, on with the weapons.

TLDR Version
M4A1, Laser Rifle, Minigun, Spaz-12

Magnum, Egon Cannon, Melee Weapons

Kimber, RPG, Hunting Rifle, Chainsaw, Crossbow
Dual Uzis

Double Barrel, Sawed-Off, Flamethrower, Uzi, Dissector

Dual Handguns, Grenade Launcher, Tommy Gun


A more detailed version
M4A1- This weapon combines damage, accuracy and range with 400 bullets fully upgraded. The true king of guns really, can’t recommend it enough. Now if only the AK was in the game so I can buy on T-side…

Laser Rifle- A faster and more aggressive version of the M4. Sound effects and spinning lights included!

Minigun- Any minigun deserves a S-tier, along with the required Austrian bodybuilder to wield it.

Spaz-12- It’s the heavy hitter of the bunch, and able to penetrate up to 2 zombies with one shot. I’ve found out this gun does the most damage to the boss, a bonus perk.

Magnum- Accurate and firing as quick as you can pull the trigger, just the perfect pistol really.

Egon Cannon- It’s got everything you want for a gun: ammo, damage, precision. The only thing it lacks is range, which is why it’s in the A-tier.

Melee Weapons- They’re better than you think, one shotting any zombies save for the Reds but don’t last that long. Please add lightsabers.

Kimber- A worst version of the Magnum. Just use that one instead.

RPG- Useful if the zombies surround you and need a way out if it, otherwise the rockets are slow to reload, somehow the hitboxes are small we than expected.

Hunting Rifle- Good damage and ammo but a bit on the slow side. P.S. Use Magnum

Chainsaw- There is a clear difference between this and the other melee weapons: you have to run the zombies over a bit longer.

Crossbow- Same flaws as the Hunting Rifle, but with a satisfying think as it kills zombies.

Dual Uzis- Rapidly firing marshmallows isn’t going to do much good but clears the horde up nicely, I guess.

Double Barrel- Only has 2 shells before reloading and the spread is too tight for a shotgun. Take the Spaz-12 over this.

Sawed Off- Considering you spend well over 10k points to get to this mediocre weapon, suffering from slow fire rate and the pitiful 2 shot policy, I’d rather kill zombies with a modified weed wacker.

Flamethrower- A shame really this weapon doesn’t live up to the hype. Takes an awfully long time to kill zombies and has a blind spot for anything directly in front of your player model.

Uzi- What’s worst than two marshmallow thowers? You now only have one left.

Dissector- Low ammo and poor damage keeps this gun from greatness. At least it’s got the bouncy sawblades.

Dual Handguns- Only twice as good compared to the starter gun, which is not a high bar to clear.

Grenade Launcher- Do you like a blind spot? Do you enjoy your grenades exploding way too late? Want to kill zombies with the firerate of a arthritis-riddled tortoise? Use this gun.

Tommy Gun- A highly inaccurate gun with mediocre damage. Perhaps it’s only effective in the hands of gangsters.

Handgun- Enough said.

Class Tier List
1: Survivor
The best solo class and the one most likely to get you up on that leaderboard. Pick a choke point and drop that saw down. Rinse and repeat for easy units. That invincible shield is just the icing on the overpowered cake.

2: Electrician
It’s tough between this class and the mercenary, I think you could make arguments for both, but I say the tesla zap is more useful than the aimbot and still allows you to use any picked up weapons.

3: Mercenary
The satellite laser is nice but has targeting issues and is a bit inconsistent with the firerate. Aimbot reverts your weapon to the Handgun, crippling your dps. Flashy but ultimately a disappointing class.

4: Journalist
I use to main this class and nothing beats the camera flash, however you’re very dependent on the ability to get any kills. The radio tower has a smaller radius than my influence in life, that’s saying something even when fully upgraded. Needs a radius buff.

5: Scientist
Again, the black hole is too small to protect a significant area just like the Journalist. The acid grenades are just as bad as the actual grenade launcher. Hard pass on this one.

6: Doctor
Play this class if you are in a lobby and want to bottom frag. The vamprism ability was added as a sick prank for tickling zombies to death. (A.K.A. no dps) Staying in the healing circle will get you swarmed and killed. I propose buffing the vamprism and making the healing follow your player model. Ambulance lights and sound sold separately.


I mostly focus on getting the M4A1 and melee weapons with ammo and movement speed as survivor. The boss seriously needs melee resistances since she does for everything else and it takes seconds to kill her with it

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Yeah It’s easy to pop the survivor shield and hack at the spider with a sword. Endless mode would also be nice to add.

endless mode is going to be a mutator in the future

Was that ever confirmed? I know it’s been suggested, but as far as I know that’s all it’s been.

it was mentioned on stream before, not sure which one though

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The tommy gun belongs below the uzi and so does the sawn off shotty. The uzi will quite easily kill lines and of course, never run out of ammo. It deserves more credit.

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Yeah, as far as starting weapons go, the Uzi is a pretty decent gun, gets better DPS then duel pistols, and isn’t a massive let down like the sawn-off.

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Oops forgot the Tommy, just added it into the list. Thanks for reminding me!