Zombie massacre spiced up

In Gmod tower, zombie massacre was a game that was about hordes of zombies rushing towards you and you and your friends are attempting to survive.

Unfortunately, the gamemode was a little too easy, and (this may cause outrage) was not very fun. One could get a lot of GMC out of it though.

So, in order to provide a challenge for the survivors before zombie massacre even came close to development.

First suggestion: Difficulties

I have heard several people wanted difficulty levels in several games (I forgot which gamemode, I think it was minigolf or something like that) well, zombie massacre is the perfect gamemode to have difficulties. Before the game begins (before day 1) a difficulty menu will come up. Play7ers are allowed to vote for a difficulty of their choosings.
Easy- “The zombies are old and have decayed before they invaded you and your friends, making them the easiest targets.”
Zombies move 25% slower and have 25% reduced HP. No awards can be granted on this difficulty.
Normal- “Seems the zombies are here, begging to be put of their misery! Time to grab the guns with your friends and prepare for zombie genocide!”
Zombies move at normal speed and have normal health, awards can be granted
Hard- “You must be a baddass if you think you can take on extra hordes of zombies like these! Fight with your friends or die with your friends!”
Zombies have X2 normal HP and X2 gmc is granted upon victory!

Second suggestion:
Days change as the game progresses! At the end of each day, units are granted to the players and a jounral comes to the screen. On the journal, it tells everyone’s points. And the next page will introduce a new zombie on the playing field!

Day 2-4 zombie chances:
Joggers- joggers have died playing too much basketball! Making them faster than normal zombies but slightly weaker!

Crimson-This zombie is on fire! Careful not to touch him, for he can pass the flames of a fire!

Zombie dog- Dogs bites can hurt, and dogs can be a nasty addition to the playing field.

Fallen survivor- They died fighting, a good death! But their death rendered them to be slightly stronger than normal zombies and they carry weapons! The weapons make them deal more base damage than normal zombies!

Carrier: the carriers are normal zombies but carry a deadly disease! If they hit a survivor, the survivor becomes infected, taking damage until the survivor is reduced down to one health. The disease can be cured by doctors or until the disease makes the survivor reach one health point.

Day 5 zombie chances:
Mutant- I swear, I seen them before… mutants are smaller, but tougher than normal zombies. They can also deal a lot more base damage than normal zombies.

Juggernaut- That thing has a mace! The juggernaut is wearing armor that absorbs damage taken form the front and his attacks deal AOE damage. Use teamwork to take this bad boy down! Several abilities, such as the the blade trap, tesla zap, A.L.P.S, and transplant, can penetrate through the juggernaut’s armor.

Chargers-CHARGER! The charger has a lot more base health than normal zombies and can charge at survivors in a straight line to deal massive damage! Keep out of it’s way!

Spider queen:
“It’s an infected spider!”
Swarmlings: The spider queen summons swarmlings to come to her aid, each swarmligns has the same health and damage of a normal zombie.
Web: The spider queen launches a web at a survivor, making that survivor immobilized for 6 seconds. Other suvivors standing next to the webbed survivor can help break down the web’s duration faster.

Tyrant king:
“The zombies have a T-rex?! That is almost unfair… almost.”
Smash: The Tyrant king will smash it’s giant foot on the ground, dealing small damage to all nearby survivors and slowing them down by 25%.
Charge: The Tyrant king will charge in a straight line, killing all survivors in it’s way! The tyrant king cannot change direction and can kill it’s own zombies…

Shadow lord:
“Nope! So much nope!”
Corrupt: The shadow lord will corrupt a survivor, making that survivors unable to cast their skills and abilities for 3 seconds.
Rise again: The shadow lord will make 6 dead zombies rise from the ground and resurrected.

Third suggestion: Random encounters!
Random encoutners is what can make people play over and over again and keep it exciting! Challenges can arise that strike fear and terror in players. Such as the “Witch” who is one ugly zombie that rarely appears, but when it does. It will screech, making player HUDS static and zombies will be scared away.

After a few second delay, the witch will appear. The witch acts as a mini-boss that rarely pops up. Players that die to the witch cannot be revived again until the witch has died or everyone else dies. If the witch does die, horray! Everyone gets extra points.

Fourth suggestion: New awards

Awards can make players keep on coming back. Pixeltail and feel free to make the old awards return. But several new awards should arise

Witch hunter- kill a witch!
Survivor- Defeat the final boss while still alive!
Bane of mutants- Kill 250 mutants with melee weapons.
Jugger not- Kill a juggernaut by firing at him from the front.
Get out of my way!- Kill 500 zombies with the survivor’s ramming shield
Fantastic!- Take a picture of the Tyrant king as a journalist
That was not medicine!- Cure a diseased person as a doctor
Daredevil- Kill a charging charger with a melee weapon.
Witch one shall I kill next? Kill 10 witches
Armed to the teeth Pick up 8 weapons in one day.
Turn and cough- Heal all players in the game in one day as a doctor.

Feel free to make more suggestions. And if Pixeltail thinks these suggestions are pretty stupid, then it’s cool. But I believe that that these suggestions can help spice up the fun of Zombie massacre.


i personally love your ideas!

Thanks, I accidently posted this thread on accident, don’t know why the system did that while I was editing :stuck_out_tongue:

Great ideas here. Difficulty is something that ZM has never had but could really use. It would be nice to see the devs implementing this and have different health and damage values setup for each gamemode. (It wouldn’t be very hard to do, but would require a little extra planning)

Nice zombie and boss ideas too. I probably wouldn’t add all of them, but there are several really good suggestions here.