Zombie Massacre Respawn Cheating

I’d say this is less a bug but more of a bit of a design flaw.

Basically, to definitely get through the day you can just wait for the timer to go down before respawning - and then respawn when the timer is done.

I’m sure this game mode is still being developed as it does have some fundamental flaws. I just wanted to have mentioned this just in case. (Don’t get me wrong though - It’s a lot of fun already)

Should’ve posted this in Zombie Massacre Beta probably.

Moved it for you. (Is this the right place?)
Anyway, I think the game should force you to respawn few seconds after you get the ability to.

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or you have 10 seconds to re-spawn or you will be killed and put into spectate mode and solo the round will end

Yeah should be the right place, thanks.

I actually knew about this issue when developing the beta.

I see it as a lose for the player. They aren’t killing as many zombies as they could (so they lose out on points) and the zombies remaining still have to be eliminated upon respawn.

Sure, you don’t have to be alive during the timer, but then you are basically not playing the game and just waiting for no pay off.

This is also why player zombies became a thing, to avoid other players never respawning.

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