Zombie Massacre Bosses Concepts!

Hello everyone ! I realize that adding so much content to the mode is crazy, but I still want to tag it a little!

I came up with some interesting boss concepts that would fit perfectly into the game and certain maps.


will be awesome on the Acrophobia

Death Worm


I think the Nightyard would be fine for him

Dire Bear

Compound, maybe


It would be very cool on a map with an aquarium from which the kraken could attack, but I could not go beyond it


Gasoline, i think

This is all I would like to see in the game. and I hope pictures will work here.

I really love the kraken idea, I feel like it has a ton of room to be expanded on.

I’m thinking of a giant coldly lit tank filled with grid-like platforms, the kraken swimming underneath. Tentacles could come up to smash pathways and such, maybe even grab players or something.

Seems like a lot of work but I love the idea of a more in-depth boss fight.


^ could also bring waterloo docks to TU and stick the kraken in there


I remember being really excited for waterloo docks and getting really sad when TU got announced and it wasn’t gonna come out