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###Zombie Massacre Beta is now available!

Zombie Massacre is a new top-down cooperative Game World. Play with up to 6 players (with singleplayer mode available) and survive the apocalypse.

Each character class has unique items and special powerful abilities.

In this beta, there’s 3 unique levels, 5 character classes, 32 weapons, 4 monster types, and one boss. We plan to expand on this Game World with new bosses later on.

Please be aware, as this is a beta, there will be bugs and balancing issues. We’ve been testing the game for awhile now and gathered feedback from various playtesting, but we haven’t gotten your feedback yet! We have opened a section on our forums to report bugs and provide feedback here: http://forums.pixeltailgames.com/c/zombie-massacre-beta

###Plaza Changes

  • The theatre sign was updated to show thumbnails and text ticker of what videos are currently playing.
  • The visuals in the movie theatre lobby and furniture store have been improved.
  • The visuals in the game world port area were improved.
  • A “new” tag was added for items which were recently added in stores.
  • A new glass fading system was added, which will use a dithering effect to block out geometry behind the glass, and will gradually disappear as the player gets closer to the glass pane.
  • Implemented many LODs to help with performance.
  • Lightmaps were reduced to improve performance and help reduce loading times, while not compromising visual quality.
  • Dynamic shadow performance was improved, by disabling it on objects that don’t require it.
  • Central Circuit was added to the level streaming list, and the High Roller room in the Casino now only streams in once you enter the Casino, rather than on plaza join.

###Media Player Bug Fixes

  • Updated the browser to fix YouTube playback issues. Note: Due to this change we had to temporarily disable Twitch support.

###New Items & Item Fixes
We have around 115 new items to share with you all!

  • New Items: Sweet Suite Furnishings

  • Restaurant Booth, Outdoor Trashbin, Outdoor Modern Bench, Gallery Bench, Large Fluorescent Table, Tall Round Table, Short Display Shelf, Long Display Shelf, Shoerack, Dining Table 2, Wood Panel Bench, Computer Desk 2, Open Outdoor Trashbin, Kitchen Counter, Kitchen Counter 2, Kitchen Counter Sink, Small Kitchen Counter, Queue Line Fence, Short Queue Line Fence, Bedside Table, Hospital Ward Bed, Funnel Planter, Pyramid Planter, Cheap Wood Table, Plant Pot, Modern Reception Desk, Wood Display Cabinet, Modern Dresser, Old Wood Roundtable, Old Wood Table 2, Old Wood Shelf, Store Display Stand, Store Display Shelf Piece, Cheap Bunkbeds, Stone Pedestal, Round Glass Pedestal, Curved Bowling Couch, Round Display, Pedestal, Round Wood Pedestal, Bumper Post, Wastebin, Small Air Conditioner, Dual-Sided Shelf, Corner Shelf, Small Bar Table, Long Metal Shelf, Bar Table, Wooden Stool, Old Bookshelf, Movie Theater Seat, Illuminated Fence, Illuminated Fence Post, Fancy Handrail, Handrail

  • New Items: Central Circuit

  • Satellite Dish, Large Open Refrigerator, Stage Spotlight, Floor Light, Small Round Light, Encased Stationary Light, Prism Light, Light Box Circle, Light Box Hexagon, Light Box Octagon, Light Box Right Angled Triangle, Light Box Square, Light Box Triangle, Annular Ceiling Light, Bubble Light, Park Lamp, Dock Lamp, Wall Clock, Contemporary Wall Light, Statue Light, Radiator, Bookshelf Speaker, Exit Sign 2, Headphone Stand, Studio Headphones, Small Round Light 2, Simple Lightbulb

  • New Items: Rob’s Imports

  • Hospital Gurney, Canvas Doormat, Canvas Floor Sign, Plastic Tent, Casino Lamp, Antique Desk Lamp, Greek Column, Wheelchair, Tool Tray Table, Food Tray Table, IV Stand, Canvas Wall Sign, Canvas Glass Billboard, Canvas Hanging Sign, Old Wood Roundtable, Old Wood Table 2, Store Display Shelf, Store Display Shelf Piece, Cheap Bunkbeds, Canvas Theatre Frame, Spilled Drink, Telephone Pole, Simple Lightbulb

  • New Items: Project 12 & Volt Nightclub

  • Beer Glass and Wine Bottle

  • New Items: Songbirds

  • Record Shelf, Vinyl Record Canvas, Theatre Speaker

  • New Items: Seasons

  • Tree Stump, Fern, Stone Fountain Monolith, Stone Fountain Sphere

  • Item Fixes & Changes

  • Foliage items (trees, bushes, etc.) no longer randomly select their variation on condo load or placement. You can now edit their variation and save that selection in your condo data forever.

  • Fixed the Curved Couch item not having working seats, and made it colorable.

  • Fixed some Corduroy Couch items not having working seats, and made them colorable.

  • Updated the Lava Lamp to have actual lava liquid.

###Condo Polishing & Bug Fixes

  • Condo System

  • Optimized condo material editor, which should slightly speed up load times as it’ll no longer load all the materials at once.

  • Added new Condo materials: 17 walls, 9 floors, and 5 ceiling materials (many from Lobby One Community Condo)

  • Default Condo

  • Outdoor lighting no longer seeps into the interior rooms of the condo. Sun & moon light now respects the laws of physics and will no longer bypass walls.

  • Rooms inside the condo are now actually dark when the lights are turned off.

  • New more detailed texture & model for the sliding doors used throughout the condo.

  • Improved the lighting effects throughout the interior of the condo.

  • Updated textures for the shoe rack, coat hanger, and bathroom sink counter.

  • New cherry wood material (the wood floors throughout the condo)

  • Unified the texel density of the concrete and plaster materials throughout the condo. (for example, the concrete on one planter will no longer be a completely different resolution than the planter next to it.)

  • Some subtle changes to the outdoor lighting to improve visual quality

  • Added glass ceiling to main condo room. A button inside the condo causes the ceiling to open/close by moving to the side into the ceiling.

  • Added a subtle door sliding sound effect to the wooden sliding doors in the condo

  • The bathroom ceiling is now editable.

  • Editing the fireplace color now only edits the part inside the condo. Additionally, several cracks and holes between the fireplace and the surrounding walls have been fixed.

  • Fixed a crack between the stairs and the upper floor on the stairs of the right hand side of the apartment.

  • New kitchen counter textures/materials

  • Fireplace now has a fireplace fire crackling sound effect when it is turned on.

  • House Condo

  • Outdoor lighting no longer seeps into the interior rooms of the condo. Sun & moon light now respects the laws of physics and will no longer bypass walls. Rooms inside the condo are now actually dark when the lights are turned off.

  • Improved the lighting effects throughout the interior of the condo.

  • Outdoor Foliage and Rockwork were redone.

  • Garage door now has sound effects, and also moves twice as fast as it used to (it now takes it 6 seconds to open or close instead of 12 seconds).

  • Fireplace now has ambient fire crackling sound effects when turned on.

  • Sliding doors and windows now have sound effects

  • Bathroom sinks now play water faucet noise when turned on

  • The material and color of the Desk is now changeable.

  • The roof material can be changed.

  • A basement area was added.

  • Lower floor overhaul - Small square room merged into large room, lower bathroom removed & merged into large room and its space used for basement stairs

  • Sliding doors for rooms adjacent to the hallway to prevent doors from blocking the skinny hallway’s path.

  • Lobby One Suite

  • Outdoor lighting no longer seeps into the interior rooms of the condo. Sun & moon light now respects the laws of physics and will no longer bypass walls. Rooms inside the condo are now actually dark when the lights are turned off.

  • Added sliding doors to the two empty doorways inside the condo.

  • Kitchen counter has been broken up to allow different parts of it to be edited (both the marble tops and the wood paneling along the outside).

  • Wood trims around the condo can now be edited.

  • Tower model has been replaced with the lobby one tower.

  • Windows of other condos are now opaque.

  • Wood beams in vaulted ceiling are now editable.

  • You can now sit in the couch, and the couch has been lowered a bit closer to the ground.

  • The stairs are now editable.

  • The stairs trip, the two steps near the windows, and the trim at the top of the stairs can now be edited separately.

  • Upper walls have been split in two so the balcony area walls can be edit separately.

  • The exterior art was updated.

  • Fixed aquarium surface materials not being the correct scale and not lining up with the other walls.

  • Fixed floor carpet surface materials not lining up properly (the cubbyhole carpet no longer is rotated and scaled wrongly).

  • Grass is now editable.

  • Fixed kitchen tiles surface materials not being the correct scale.

  • Removed the tree from the backyard.

  • Highrise Condo

  • Fixed glass tower collision allowing players to clip through from below.

  • Theatre Condo

  • Fixed ambient sound issues.

  • Fixed a section of the lobby floor not being editable.

###Minigolf Polishing and Bugfixes

  • Minigolf Changes

  • Added camera zoom easing.

  • Minigolf Bug Fixes

  • Improved camera rotation logic, fixing several issues with rotating in general.

  • Fixed a bug where players could not interact with the end game UI.

  • Minigolf: Forest Changes

  • Moving course components in holes 4 and 10 no longer use “world align” textures, which means that the textures will move with the objects they are applied to.

  • Updated the collisions of the course signs to make sense (previously you’d bounce off of the empty space between the legs), so that players who fail and get out of the course boundaries will at least be able to bounce properly off of the signs.

  • Minigolf: Forest Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer be “in bounds” when landing on rocks outside of the course. This will prevent players from getting stuck on rocks.

  • Fixed an issue where players would not be marked out of bounds for falling underneath the moving platform on Hole 7.

  • Players can no longer get stuck on the wooden bar that sits over the moving platform in hole 7 (the shape has been changed to a triangle so players can’t get stuck, and will slide off).

  • Players will no longer be marked out of bounds for ricocheting off of the torches that are placed around the courses.

  • Players should be able to fall into the hole properly in hole 18 if they are sitting on the moving platform (the side bars have been extended so more of the hole reaches the sides, making sure any balls at the far ends will fall in).

  • Players can no longer get stuck on the wings that extend out on either side of the moving hole on hole 18.

  • Players will no longer have the possibility of getting stuck on the support beams that run parallel to the circle in hole 10.

  • Fixed an issue where players could get marked as out of bounds for bouncing off of a specific portion of the wall in hole 11

  • Players can no longer get stuck in the legacy “practice” course. Landing there will now count as out of bounds.

  • Minigolf: Emission Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on Hole 9 where players could get stuck in midair while the laser bridges are off.

  • Minigolf: Cove Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on Hole 2 where players could get stuck on the moving wall pieces.

  • Improved hole 11 issues. We plan to continue working on the cannon issues next update as well.

  • Fixed Hole 18 non-HIO lane from getting the ball stuck.

  • Fixed Hole 17 issues with going too slow, and added camera transitions to Hole 17 so that the camera doesn’t constantly collide with rocks.

  • Fixed the HIO on Hole 3 to be less likely to fail.

  • Fixed the loop on Hole 13 from breaking as often.

###Virus Polishing and Bugfixes

  • Virus Changes

  • New models and animations for the Sci Fi Handgun, Sonic Shotgun, and Plasma Autorifle were implemented.

  • The regular Autorifle was removed from the weapon rotation.

  • Gib support from Zombie Massacre was integrated into Virus.

  • You can now crouch.

  • Survivors now have an outline around them so that other survivors know where each other are at all times. (Infected
    players can also see where the Survivors are at all times.)

  • The infected player model was updated, and given new animations.

  • Weapon icons were updated, and the old damage hit notifications were replaced with new ones from Zombie Massacre.

  • Virus Bug Fixes

  • Fixed certain weapon materials being broken (such as the Double Barrel) due to previous optimizations and new models.

  • Fixed Handgun and Double Barrel reload sounds being heard everywhere in the map.

  • Fixed Chat/AFK icon being at the bottom of players.

  • Fixed a bug where weapon traces would be blocked by other survivors’ heads.

  • Fixed scoreboard not showing all the players.

  • Optimized weapon models and added LODs.

  • Fixed silencer weapon icon being dual silencers.

###Gameworld Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with all Game World scoreboards sometimes showing an additional round at the end.
  • Predicted “ready” button for waiting for players.

###Other Notable Changes

  • Added a block/banned list to the Condo “C” menu panel. Now you can manage who you’ve banned or add new bans from in-game
  • Improved flashlight logic: it’s now predicted and less of a network burden
  • Added gameplay tips to each Game World’s waiting for player screens. This should be useful to new players.
  • Added a payout history to the pause menu that shows all recent payouts during your gameplay session. This currently only works for Game Worlds and some Lobby activities.

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.

[] Virus- You can crouch
ZM Thoughts (moved from general topic)
Weekly Dev Log for June 15th, 2018

HYPE!!! Great work team!


Solid looking update, absolutely fantastic trailer, just one thing…

This seems rather unnecessary (though that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing; I’m just not sure why this change was done).


Obviously its so you can teabag fallen zombies


The ability to crouch will help when you’re at the front of the surviving group and not wanting to block shots. Just crouch and the people behind you can shoot above you to hit the infected.


To add on to what everyone else is saying, people like to be able to crouch, adding familiar stuff like this helps the game feel a bit more natural for people who play lots of FPS.

Also this update looks amazing, can’t wait to get back from work to try it out. Very happy about the mass of decoration additions!


Awesome!! Cannot wait to try it! :smiley:

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