ZM Thoughts (moved from general topic)


It honestly feels pretty bland to me… back away from the zombies, aim in their general direction and hold left mouse button… and it’s neither very challenging, nor unique. The balancing (of classes, upgrades, difficulties, payouts and even the boss) is also all over the place, but that’ll probably be tweaked soon.

Good job on Zombie Massacre

While I think the game is fun, this is certainly a fair point. Hopefully some more interesting common zombies will be added to help with this. Why not take the little spider enemies and make them standard? Give them a web trap ability like the Queen and suddenly you’ve got to be careful about where you run.


damn almost like every video game ever made


I don’t think it’s bad but it’s a bit underwhelming. Because of the perspective and the lack of hit feedback it makes me feel very disconnected from what I’m doing. There’s no real challenge or need to be precise, it also drags out over six days of identical missions.

I like the idea but as an alien swarm player the objectives, feel of the weapons and class variety leave much to be desired.


Sub-objectives and a campaign mode are in development. Right now Zombie Massacre is meant to be a survive the horde arcade game.




I don’t think 99% of players that complain about this understand that it’s a beta and tuning is going to come.


Beta stages are developmental stages, I think the lack of any real challenge even on the hardest difficulty is valid feedback moving forwards from that.


Put it in the proper place then, rather than coming in unwarranted and shitting over someones thread.


I didn’t shit over anyone or the thread. The content of my post is pretty similar to the op, but instead of giving feedback on the lag my feedback was critical of the lack of visual feedback and some of the design elements. I’d say your response is the only thing unwarranted here.


No, he’s right, this is off topic from the original OP and also is better put in the beta suggestions. I have moved it.

The game is a beta and things will be adjusted over time, it’s better all the opinions on gameplay are in the beta section.